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I was born and raised in Israel and have been living in the US since 1998.

I have been practicing in the mental health field for 20 years. My greatest passion is helping my clients boost personal growth in ways that suit them best.

My work experience includes therapeutic interventions with individuals of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. My current focus is on helping women and children navigate life transitions and personal growth. Additionally, I have spent time helping individuals experiencing mental illness, children with special needs, the LGBT community,  and the bereaved.


I am currently facilitating expressive arts and HealthRHYTHMS drumming workshops at mental health agencies and schools throughout San Diego.

As a registered expressive arts therapist, I work with my clients on creating an environment where they can express their innermost feelings and thoughts both verbally and nonverbally. Each session is geared towards the client's personal growth. 

I'm trained in five art modalities: visual arts, movement, drama, music,  and poetry.

We focus on the process of art making and not on the product. The art making is meant to encourage self expression, not to be an end in itself. Clients need absolutely no previous skills in the arts to attain value, understanding, and joy from each session.

Expressive arts is about empowering the client. As a team, we use art modalities that foster the connection between the client and the resources within oneself.

My methodology is solution-oriented. We create an individualized plan that targets your needs. Our goal is to find quick and effective solutions to life challenges (rather than staying stuck on the problem).

Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Social Work 

San Diego State University, 2002

Post Graduate Certification in Expressive Arts Therapy

The Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego, 2007

HealthRHYTHMS Drum Circle Facilitator Certificate

REMO, 2014

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT)

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, 2022

EMDR Basic Training Certificate

EMDR Instruction, 2022

Private Session

Seminars & Workshops


HealthRHYTHMS Groups

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